[Example Sentences]:
1. Instead, a project from the Queensland University of Technology takes the direct approach
2. Walker said he is seeking to ensure value for money for the Queensland taxpayer
3. IBM will defend itself vigorously against any proceedings commenced by the Queensland Government
4. The Queensland government has estimated that the total cost for the system for taxpayers will be AU$1.2 billion
5. We have received feedback from officers which shows these devices are successful operational tools, particularly in remote and regional Queensland, said Stewart
6. And in a speech Saturday at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Obama called's aggression against Ukraine
7. Central Queensland University is giving its distance education students the ability to conduct practical laboratory studies of the human body through an online platform
8. So far only three Australian states the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland ban their residents from doing so
9. Five people on a skydiving trip have been killed after their light plane crashed at an airfield in Queensland, eastern Australia
10. The idea that you need to consider security differently because you live in New South Wales instead of Queensland is archaic and misses the point
11. Prototypes have already been built and tested delivering packages to remote farms in Queensland, Australia
12. The Queensland Police Service will be actively using these new devices and technologies during the G20 events later in 2014 to protect world leaders, said Stewart
13. These days, the tables have well and truly turned and just under half of all development studios are in Victoria, while only 22 percent have remained in Queensland
14. The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is dying
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