[Example Sentences]:
1. The famous NFL quarterback was, indeed, getting upset at someone with eight Twitter followers
2. Later in the quarter Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was picked off in the end zone, though Seattle was unable to capitalize
3. The quarterback began using a new phone on March 6, leading the NFL to believe that the previous one had been destroyed that day
4. For instance, in football, coaches will be able to measure the acceleration of a wide receiver, or the arm speed and velocity of a quarterback
5. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has announced that he and his wife Ashton are divorcing
6. Just in terms of how explosive they are, the quarterback is certainly a strong MVP candidate, so is Murray
7. Teams still need a good quarterback to make the throw, and receivers talented enough to make those acrobatic catches
8. Deflating a ball in cold or wet conditions provides more grip for the quarterback
9. The NFL suspended the quarterback for four games on Monday, also fining the defending Super Bowl champions $1 million and taking away two draft picks
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