[Example Sentences]:
1. It was unclear if people sent into quarantine will be held in hospitals or elsewhere
2. There is no word on whether he would abide by quarantine for the full period
3. Anything we can do to improve the situation in quarantine, we are open to exploring
4. Others have kept people with Ebola symptoms at home instead of bringing them to quarantine centers
5. Two friends of Spencer, who also had direct contact with him, also are under quarantine
6. His wife has been put under quarantine, while a further 70 people in the city are under surveillance
7. Tests confirmed that the man was infected with the virus, and he remains under quarantine in condition, the minister said
8. They said the quarantine was strictly precautionary
9. Currently living in quarantine, the wasps may be released shortly
10. Hickox has tested negative for Ebola but will remain in quarantine for 21 days
11. Bringing pets into the country involves applying for a permit and quarantine on arrival of at least 10 days
12. The friends and the fiancee show no symptoms and will be released from quarantine early next month, assuming they remain healthy
13. Australia has strict quarantine regulations to prevent diseases such as rabies from spreading to its shores
14. Bars and night spots have been shut down and entire districts placed under quarantine
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