[Example Sentences]:
1. IBM is doing its own research on building quantum computers
2. It was a quantum leap in terms of the way the applications owners saw this too
3. This allows quantum devices to perform multiple calculations at once
4. Current quantum computers have only a few bits in them
5. LCD with quantum dot is a case of the good being the enemy of the best
6. In the ideal case the method adds only the minimum amount of noise required by quantum mechanics
7. The measurements are performed on many copies of the quantum state of a photon
8. Google quantum computer lab to study artificial intelligence
9. Rather, the ability of quantum bits to be in two states at once is key to the reality of these computers
10. You have Google launching Internet balloons, building a fleet of driverless cars and developing quantum computers
11. Brain and quantum computers also involve research on computer behavior
12. Over the past century, physicists have learned that the universe is quantum
13. The lab exists to study the intersection of computer science and quantum physics and eventually build a quantum computer
14. Vision makes quantum dots with very narrow red and green light output
15. The computer design initiative could pave the way for functional quantum and cognitive computers that mimic brain functionality
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