[Example Sentences]:
1. This seems to be confirmed by the quantity of works already on the database
2. What would be the standard that should be followed for the quantity of virus
3. Thailand needs to produce quality products instead of quantity products, and to lower production costs
4. Nobody in the United States knew how to produce the huge quantity of quality food that we were scaling
5. This is one case, folks, where I argue quality over quantity all the way
6. As part of conservation efforts, hunting licenses often restrict the type and quantity of animals that may be killed
7. Jones notes that both parts cost about one dollar in quantity making it unlikely that Apple switched suppliers to save money
8. Many sale items are limited in quantity
9. We were stunned by the quantity and quality of replies
10. Both TVs will be in limited quantity, and only available to the throngs who are waiting when the doors open
11. They have asked Google to provide more context around the quantity and quality of the links it has removed or refused to remove
12. Sony's mirrorless camera system is set to grow in both quantity and quality this year
13. The quantity of teachers would also need to be increased, with an extra 1.6 million needed to provide enough primary school places
14. We will double the quantity of phones available, while supplies last, to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of the promotion
15. The junta is auditing rice holdings to check quantity and quality, while seeking overseas sales amid concern that some of the reserves may have spoiled
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