[Example Sentences]:
1. So if quantitative easing made sense a year ago, it probably still makes sense today
2. It recovered both times as the Fed committed more quantitative easing to boost the economy
3. The firm wants to start quantitative trading services, where computers identify trading opportunities for clients
4. Economists expect quantitative easing to go on for longer
5. The ECB chief also said the central bank has started preparations for quantitative easing
6. Bond buying by the Fed is also known as quantitative easing
7. Bernanke first indicated that the central bank may start to reduce its quantitative easing bond buying this year
8. Federal Reserve bank to stop its quantitative easing program of buying up securities in order to prop up markets
9. That in and of itself is significant, and to have a quantitative measure of those citizens who are against the Morsi government
10. Bernanke talked about a tapering in quantitative easing this year
11. We have researchers who comb through all the quantitative and qualitative data, and then look for patterns and bubble them up
12. Our chart of the day see below bears a striking resemblance to what we saw the last time quantitative easing was halted
13. Serious quantitative easing could be such a surprise, boosting equities and bonds and weakening the euro by a few cents for a while
14. The US Federal Reserve has used the programme, known as quantitative easing, to increase the money supply and improve liquidity in the financial system
15. Other countries did the dollar no favors by weakening their currencies, but the resulting currency wars appear to have ended along with quantitative easing
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