[Example Sentences]:
1. The new social sidebar displayed not only a lot more information but also qualitative information
2. This will also help you learn to the scene in a more sophisticated, qualitative way
3. It tapped the qualitative data to describe how these drivers looked and felt to customers
4. The data regarding how apps and ads are consumed is consistent with a qualitative difference between iOS and Android
5. Data analyzed in a vacuum risks telling an incomplete story, and qualitative data can provide this contextual view
6. We have researchers who comb through all the quantitative and qualitative data, and then look for patterns and bubble them up
7. Such cases require detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis and of course this includes costing information, which companies are not always the most forthcoming in providing
8. KPMG conceded that the small number of people participating in the focus groups, while valuable for the qualitative and directional insights, was not statistically valid
9. Transforming qualitative data into quantitative form can involve some subjective decisions
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