[Example Sentences]:
1. The mall where she works is still closed because of quake damage
2. Water and electricity in the area were cut off by the quake
3. They all lost their homes in the quake
4. The entire province was without electricity after the quake cut power supplies
5. The day the quake hit my home
6. Of course, there were other places to get information about the size of a quake
7. As night fell, the entire province was in the dark after the quake cut power supplies
8. Several residents described their shock at feeling their first quake
9. The quake was shallow, which can be more destructive
10. Police and soldiers in riot gear were seen Wednesday in Kathmandu for the first time since the quake struck
11. Everything and everyone in Napa was affected by the quake
12. Iran lies on seismic fault lines and experiences one slight quake a day on average
13. Taiwan television said the quake triggered a gas explosion in the centre of the island but it gave no details
14. A prediction, on the other hand, says the quake will or will not occur during a specific time
15. The quake broke thousands of bottles of wine and toppled barrels
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