[Definition]: nearness

[Example Phrases]:
• the proximity of
• in close proximity
• proximity sensor
• because of its proximity
• in close proximity to
• proximity to New York
• extreme proximity
• physical proximity

[Example Sentences]:
1. Both blame close proximity to one very important part of the male body
2. The first time I was in the proximity of Google Glass was nearly a year ago at a technology conference
3. Now you can pick your seat without having to scope out its proximity to an available power outlet
4. To achieve its vision, Instagram said it would need to make better use of location and proximity data
5. Some mentioned the proximity to venture capital and the appetite for risk
6. Macau will continue to benefit from its close proximity to China
7. People needed to be in the same physical proximity to work on projects, greatly limiting their scope
8. For an added layer of security, the company boasts a proximity alert that pairs your card with your smartphone
9. Many cars now have backup cameras and some have proximity sensors that warn drivers when they are about to hit something
10. Despite the proximity, the wind farm will not feed the datacenter
11. It sits on real estate made extremely valuable mostly by, well, by proximity to Apple
12. It shifts the point of attack typically from the whole world to physical proximity, reducing exposure by means and likelihood
13. Best Buy and Future Shop outlets are often found in close proximity, they say
14. The sender chooses a specific cell, and everyone in proximity gets the message at the same time
15. Users can adjust the proximity of their location in increments © 2019  Terms of Use | Home