verb transitive

[Definition]: read carefully

[Example Phrases]:
• can peruse
• to peruse
• peruse through
• peruse to figure out
• peruse other inventory
• no longer peruse through
• shoppers can peruse other inventory
• you can peruse films
• as customers peruse the gadgets

[Example Sentences]:
1. Instead of limiting them to the new Apple Watch, they would have dozens of other choices to peruse
2. Speed will be important as customers peruse the gadgets because the appointments are scheduled for only to five to 15 minutes each
3. You can peruse the virtual stacks on your computer via Web browser, smartphone or tablet, and on Android, iOS and Kindle Fire HDX devices
4. That made it easier to peruse several options, instead of throwing a dart at the first diet plan that caught my eye
5. You can peruse a list of your ePubs and PDFs if you want to pick and choose © 2019  Terms of Use | Home