[Definition]: new learner

[Example Phrases]:
• a novice investor
• novice project managers
• novice pet owners
• novice startup teams
• novice hired
• a political novice
• a novice sailor
• from novice investors

[Example Sentences]:
1. The major upgrade lets professional FileMaker developers and even novice users create powerful and elegant custom solutions for desktop and mobile clients
2. That's really fine, and the camera doesn t punish you for being a novice
3. It does a good job for the novice video editor, highlighting the correct buttons in the interface to avoid flipping between windows
4. Twitter currently presents all tweets in a stream starting with the latest tweets first, which can be hard for novice users to grasp
5. These days,$41m funding rounds are too small to mention and so are their novice startup teams
6. While HTML still provides a basic foundation for posting text and images, advanced programmatic capabilities have not been made as readily accessible to the novice
7. Parker,62, is not a political novice
8. He assured her that many novice rowers undertake the dangerous voyage after training © 2019  Terms of Use | Home