[Definition]: act with ill purpose

[Example Phrases]:
• a malicious software
• malicious code
• malicious hackers
• with malicious software
• malicious activity
• malicious apps
• malicious programs
• malicious link
• malicious advertisements
• malicious content

[Example Sentences]:
1. There was no concept that people would use this to do malicious things
2. It would be possible to use the certificate to create a malicious software program
3. There was no vulnerability in the app that would allow an attacker to run malicious code
4. Google researchers have already found malicious programs on the Web that exploit this vulnerability
5. We just need to share threat information on malicious software and the problems we see on equipment
6. The goal is to be able to analyze the malicious software before its code is changed
7. The kit can be used to create malicious Word documents that are then sent over email
8. As a result, it is under such scrutiny by both malicious attackers and security researchers
9. The bad guy then switches the link or content with something more malicious
10. The two security flaws could have potentially enabled malicious apps to be installed on user devices
11. The malicious ads were delivered to the website publishers by an online marketing company called
12. Officials quickly warned staff that it could be malicious
13. Other charges included bombing a public place and malicious destruction of property
14. For example, the most expensive kind of breach is one caused by a malicious attack
15. Facebook has officially stated that it does not know of any malicious use derived from the bug © 2019  Terms of Use | Home