[Example Sentences]:
1. When I got there I saw many people lying after they were hit by explosives
2. The whole side was gone and people were lying in between the trains
3. She said she saw two bodies lying on a flat rock on the way down
4. It was not because the witnesses were lying
5. A gunman turned him over to make sure he was dead and then left him lying there
6. All three men were charged with lying to law enforcement officials and trying to cover up the attack
7. They were found lying on their sides and buried under three feet of earth
8. Many of us have dozens of dollars of unused gift cards lying around
9. The ship takes off only to find aliens lying in wait
10. However, lying by his feet was a phone in an orange case
11. I saw people lying on the floor, blood everywhere
12. There are growing stockpiles of cash lying around at these firms
13. Brown was lying in bed and appeared to be suffering from a condition that left him unable to move
14. Joseph was lying on her stomach, the skin on her legs burned off
15. Half his body was lying on the sidewalk and half was on the street © 2019  Terms of Use | Home