[Example Sentences]:
1. We had that luxury in the early years
2. The team will be closer to the luxury market and luxury users
3. For me, being able to eat and sleep is already a luxury
4. That clearly is an indication that Apple intends to remain a luxury brand
5. The luxury that some have is to just express outrage
6. Apple is going after the luxury watches
7. Bay Area tech companies are known for offering their employees luxury bus rides to work
8. Apple is reportedly making a bid to buy out luxury headphone maker Beats
9. They ferry technology workers to and from their jobs in luxury shuttle buses
10. There was no sense of style, no atmosphere of luxury
11. When consumers perceive you as a luxury brand, they will pay almost any price for your products
12. As the economy in the Philadelphia region improves, luxury developers are planning for growth
13. The tractor was an extraordinary luxury in a place where almost no one owned a car
14. Apple are in the luxury game, not in the market saturation game
15. For those who could afford expensive jewelry, the luxury watch was status you wore on your arm © 2019  Terms of Use | Home