[Example Sentences]:
1. Whether such development will lure more residents is another matter
2. It comes a month before an economic summit that Egypt is counting on to lure back investors
3. Facebook may lure teen users back with virtual reality promise
4. Not everyone agrees that Beats Music was a lure for Apple
5. Cyber criminals have used the lure of security updates to plant malware on machines for years, for example
6. The lure of the constantly refreshing timeline is too strong
7. At the same time, hotels are trying to lure a new generation of travelers in search of authenticity
8. To lure in the corporate set
9. In recent months, mobile carriers have been involved in a death match of incredible deals to lure customers to their networks
10. It especially hopes to lure young people into collecting stamps
11. A $10 discount at a new online fashion site might lure a new customer
12. Microsoft piles on the security features in a bid to lure government agencies over to the Windows Phone 8.1 camp
13. Those benefits have helped lure more than 40 million subscribers, by some analyst estimates, to the service
14. Clearly, many of these products have a narrow, specialized lure, likely to appeal only to the earliest of early adopters
15. Taiwan expects to lure about $5 billion in 2013 from companies moving back © 2019  Terms of Use | Home