[Example Sentences]:
1. A screening of luggage by federal TSA agents was under way late into the evening
2. They have maintained that they were forced by an armed gang to carry the drug, which was in their luggage
3. Rescuers were pulling luggage from an open plane door to clear the fuselage
4. The next costliest fare would include one free piece of luggage, and the top tier will cover two
5. Other experts said that if the aircraft breaks into pieces, normally only items such as seats and luggage would remain floating
6. Innovation Center staff even hauled in their own luggage to simulate the airport experience
7. If you can avoid checking luggage, it will save a ton of time at the baggage carousel
8. A luggage search showed nothing unusual
9. No luggage, just ready to go
10. The airline is set to introduce a new fare scale as soon as Tuesday and missing will be its signature, complimentary luggage policy
11. More stray items from the airliner were recovered by crews, AirAsia said, including the emergency exit window, luggage and passenger seats
12. Launch the app to hail a cab and enter any special requests, like a wheelchair accessible cab, or a larger cab to accommodate luggage
13. The bus was standing room only as travelers hauling luggage jostled for space amid the commuters and other local riders
14. In this case, the luggage knocked down on the first pass becomes a makeshift stairway to the top level
15. The tracking device, which fits inside or is attached to luggage, pinpoints the location of a bag in real time © 2019  Terms of Use | Home