[Example Sentences]:
1. This is a threat to the lucrative video business of the cable company
2. YouTube is also a lucrative business for many people
3. People sense there could be something great and lucrative here
4. Twitter collects lucrative information on what consumers are reading and buying online
5. Not only was Apple making their jobs easier, it was potentially making them more lucrative
6. Web tracking provides fuel to the lucrative business of targeted ads
7. The film industry is a really lucrative business, which will become an important growth driver for Alibaba
8. That makes mobile phones lucrative to criminals
9. Opening up the highways to these consumers is going to be lucrative business
10. It gives cable providers more lucrative Internet subscribers and more leverage against entertainment companies providing the channels
11. Instead, it is one of a lucrative underground cybercrime business
12. Apple just reported the best quarter in the history of any company by taking the most lucrative part of the market
13. For investment banks, IPOs are among the most lucrative advisory businesses
14. In addition to its hardware business, technology licensing has proven lucrative for TiVo
15. Now it appears Facebook is considering lucrative video ads to goose its revenue © 2019  Terms of Use | Home