[Example Sentences]:
1. The rest of us are out of luck for now
2. I have searched all over for the item with no luck
3. He was a soldier recently returned from Iraq and had a bad turn of luck
4. If you still only rely on a password, then good luck
5. For that luck to arrive, he had to wait another year
6. The Macalope wishes him the best of luck with them
7. I had the best luck when drawing gestures slowly and deliberately
8. The robotics team from MIT had tough luck on both days
9. Windows RT users are out of luck
10. Something for Apple to improve upon in its next update, with any luck
11. Great idea, but good luck getting everyone to plan accordingly for the future
12. With a modicum of luck it will play as it should, from beginning to end
13. That is a long enough period to largely eliminate the role luck may otherwise play in a good track record
14. Meanwhile Microsoft has had little luck selling its tablet
15. They collect their patents for pennies on the dollar from companies down on their luck © 2019  Terms of Use | Home