[Example Sentences]:
1. An app also works like a loyalty card
2. BlackBerry has the loyalty of business and government customers worldwide, for one thing
3. So I think the loyalty factor is a huge win for organizations
4. The money raised will be used for acquiring talent as well as driver loyalty programs
5. Google Wallet can store all of your loyalty programs and gift cards
6. The app is important to Starbucks not just because it enhances customer loyalty
7. This loyalty can mean turning a blind eye to how and where iPhones are made
8. The app will also now notify users of additional loyalty programs that they can join, he wrote
9. There is now more consumer choice, so less consumer loyalty
10. Many retailers offer apps that incorporate digital versions of their physical reward and loyalty cards
11. Our loyalty only extends to those who innovate the fastest
12. The future of loyalty is perhaps around data networks and media distribution, and not necessarily about points and rewards
13. Google also boasts that any loyalty program special offers will applied automatically at checkout
14. We find that by providing this flexibility, we get great loyalty and dedication from our staff
15. That increases brand loyalty and provides the retailer with a quick way to shoot a coupon into the phone
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