[Example Sentences]:
1. They are currently in beta and just started building our initial set of quality loyal users
2. Do they think that the two weeks of upset will now make us more loyal somehow
3. That keeps customers coming back to spend money, workers happy and both groups loyal
4. Making Windows free might prompt at least some PC vendors to remain loyal to Windows
5. He is a wise man and loyal to the country
6. By nature, they tend to be less loyal to one store
7. Egyptian militants loyal to IS group say they killed American oil worker
8. Is Apple giving loyal customers less these days
9. A lot of people say the Classic is aiming for loyal customers
10. Analysts say that group is loyal to Home Depot, and they often shop there several times a week
11. Developers also tend to stay loyal to their employers
12. Mursi expected that people once they come into a leadership position would be loyal
13. So even North Korean people who are not necessarily happy with economic policies are still loyal to the state itself
14. Apple seemed, to me, more interested in getting new customers rather than taking care of loyal ones
15. Hezbollah fighters have played a critical role in recent battlefield victories for forces loyal to Assad
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