[Example Phrases]:
•. to its lowest level
•. to the lowest level

[Example Sentences]:
1. The unemployment rate is now the lowest it has been in five years
2. All of those rates were the lowest posted in nearly five years
3. The lowest cost robot is one that exists in your computer
4. The yield has fallen close to its lowest in two months
5. The shares are at their lowest in a month
6. It is the lowest level of smartphone share for BlackBerry since IDC has tracked mobile phones
7. Those are the lowest jobless rates for those regions in more than five years
8. The Philippines has one of the lowest rates of healthcare spending in the world
9. Put this at the lowest setting that still allows you to see the screen
10. Relations between Israel and Washington are not at their lowest point
11. The third strategy is investing in stocks with the lowest volatility
12. Or you can just see a calendar of the lowest fares around a certain date
13. The central bank provides a range of projections with the highest and lowest figures left out
14. These days, his approval rating in South Dakota is among the lowest in the nation
15. While the figure was an improvement on last year, it was the third lowest total for April on record
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