[Example Sentences]:
1. The price is lower than Amazon where I would usually get them
2. The lower prices will be in place for a limited time
3. The new patent details come only a month after a lower court in China
4. They also want to know how Amazon plans to lower its shipping losses
5. That will lower prices and open up the field to wider use
6. The drop could be due to the lower price of ads on mobile devices
7. The lower costs may help the company work with even larger sets of data
8. We hope lower waves will give us a better result today
9. One of the key drivers for organizations to move to the cloud is lower costs
10. A sustainable economy is based on businesses that make better products at lower costs over time
11. That wage is still lower than what Americans would make
12. The infection rate is significantly lower but the fight is not yet over
13. Jim did you just lower your standards for a little bit of cash
14. One alternative is for families to move to areas where housing costs are lower
15. It is time for them to resume dialogue and lower the tensions
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