[Example Sentences]:
1. Google has released a new feature to search for your lost phone or tablet
2. The university had long ago lost control of its IT power management
3. We should not allow that issue to get lost in the public discussion
4. You can also use the app to track it if it gets lost
5. This is important if your phone is lost or stolen
6. Twitter has lost a number of key executives this year
7. We just lost our will along the way
8. In this situation we lost one of our own
9. That law was challenged in federal court and lost
10. What happens if the phone or tablet is lost
11. That personal information was lost in the hack is not in dispute
12. The company has lost several senior executives this year including its CEO
13. Force companies that lost your information to tell us about it
14. Iraqi officials said they had lost control to the militant group
15. People are saying that there was something of value in the anonymity that we lost
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