[Example Phrases]:
•. a net loss of
•. the company reported a net loss of 2 billion
•. SSD data loss

[Example Sentences]:
1. The result is a loss of business and a potential public health disaster
2. So it can afford a bit of a loss leader for a while
3. It was the biggest loss for the bond market in nearly two decades
4. There has to be a balance of ease of use and potential loss
5. The impact of these attacks will be felt in loss of data
6. The company also reported a wider loss than analysts expected for the third quarter
7. A loss will mean that people will start picking on him
8. He estimates other companies operated their smartphone business at a loss or broke even
9. That is above and beyond the loss the stock has already suffered
10. It would be a great loss for the country if it was shut or wound down
11. This may have something to do with the potential loss of profit its arrival could represent
12. The loss of life then was much greater
13. Is it worth the possibility of the loss of American life in that operation
14. We anticipate that there will be considerable destruction and loss of life
15. He noted that external incidents can also result in data loss, but not always
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