[Example Sentences]:
1. At least two were loose, one by a lot
2. This then allows the embedded gold and silver to come loose and collect in the water
3. Witnesses told the police department a man was on the loose and attacking people
4. It was not immediately clear whether pad or rocket equipment caused the cable to come loose
5. Once you turn it loose, only then do you really begin to get thorough testing
6. The bull is let loose in the ring
7. Playing it fast and loose on social media is taking its toll on users of popular networks such as Facebook
8. They operate live online, fast and loose
9. Orbital crews were expected to examine the rocket through the night to determine how the ethernet cable came loose
10. The mount never lost control of my phones, despite the attempts I made to shake them loose in the rental car
11. Keep the tripod head loose so that you can move the camera around to frame the exploding fireworks
12. One worker still missing as crews corral disabled cruise ship that tore loose
13. The fingertips are boxy and loose, which made precise typing almost impossible
14. Unlike the pool tables and massage rooms at some startups for employees to let loose, the musical instruments are here for a reason
15. Inside the array, the drummer can let loose like a storm, unleashing a barrage of rhythm
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