[Example Sentences]:
1. This time it will make the under loop, that you grab again in your left hand
2. Next year, Windows XP will be left out of the loop
3. You can then loop them with one another to create your own neat little beat
4. Whatever technology we deploy, there will be a human in the loop
5. The case comes in black, and even includes a convenient loop for holding your stylus
6. They halt as if an invisible hand is holding on to their belt loop
7. Vine videos can be three to six seconds long and loop upon playback
8. That feedback loop is being used to influence the design of notebooks and desktops
9. Videos can be up to nine seconds long, and they play in a loop when sent
10. It automatically makes a small loop that you pinch between the fingers on your left hand and hold
11. That could disrupt markets still more to start the adverse feedback loop all over again
12. The app allows users to capture and upload video clips that loop continuously and last no longer than six seconds
13. You even get a handy stylus loop
14. You should have a small loop of nice, neat cord
15. However, for better or worse, on social media this feedback loop plays out in public
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