[Example Phrases]:
•. take a look at the document
•. the look and feel of
•. if you look at the numbers
•. a closer look
•. the look of
•. get a closer look at ants
•. we look forward to
•. to take a look
•. look for ways to
•. a new UI look
•. a cursory look

[Example Sentences]:
1. A lot of information you can just look at your watch for
2. The first is the look and feel of the device
3. You really want to look at what you want to do with growth
4. So you need tools that let you look at performance over groups of applications
5. We need an outside agency to look into this
6. They should look at this from a humanitarian point of view
7. The photos from the night will all have the same fun look
8. What will the world look like when the entire world is online
9. It makes China look that much more like the odd man out
10. So he had to sell his boat and look for other work
11. I would look at two or three and I would compare the data
12. He called for people not involved in the investigation to look into the claim
13. There are also some new features built into the updated look of the software
14. Clinton said the problem needed a hard look by government
15. We always try to look end to end
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