[Example Sentences]:
1. We talked to the two who quit, among dozens of other longtime Apple veterans
2. We are committed to advancing our longtime company values of fun and entertainment for everyone
3. One longtime employee recalled many instances of employees contributing vacation days and money to other workers
4. Morsi is a longtime leader of the Brotherhood
5. She admits it was the iPhone that kicked a longtime passion into high gear
6. Many of these are teenagers getting paid way more than longtime professionals around the country in IT and other fields
7. The video game giant on Tuesday named Andrew Wilson, a longtime company executive, as its new CEO
8. Instead, the company shipped the array to EMC, with which it had a longtime relationship
9. However, AMD still trails longtime and larger rival Intel in the server chip market
10. App notifications have been tweaked, allowing longtime desktop to glance down for familiar alerts
11. The records support victims longtime claim that Wisconsin for many years was among the more difficult states for them to get compensation
12. Egyptians are marking the third anniversary of the uprising that toppled longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak
13. The demise of Google Reader has been met with an outcry from many longtime users of the service, leading some to question
14. Aaron in Kansas City, a longtime email and Twitter friend, wrote in to brag about his Google Fiber throughput
15. The longtime pay TV channel, which has more than 114 million subscribers worldwide, now competes with Netflix for video streaming
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