[Example Sentences]:
1. We have a longstanding history with them and never had any trouble
2. The company reiterated its longstanding advice to download software only from trusted sources
3. This could be used for many things beyond the longstanding badge concept for notification
4. GCHQ said in an emailed statement that it is a longstanding policy that we do not comment on intelligence matters
5. It seems the racing genre was well represented Monday, with longstanding franchises such as
6. China has upped the ante in its longstanding censorship of all things Google
7. Fire safety is one of six areas the NTSB plans to investigate, partly because it has been longstanding concern of the agency
8. More titles in the longstanding racing series
9. After decades of fighting Israel, many families have had a member imprisoned and the release of prisoners has been a longstanding demand
10. That longstanding problem is why Verizon Wireless received so much traction a few years ago with its successful Can you hear me now
11. The worm technique is longstanding, and infecting drives may slow its spread but does ensure a degree of longevity
12. He is a leader in the field of number theory and has helped to develop powerful new techniques to solve longstanding mathematical problems
13. For Google, the review process marks a significant change from its longstanding strategy of letting developers publish applications on Google Play with little oversight
14. The administration's decision to host the delegation reversed a longstanding policy of avoiding such figures and sparked an outcry among human rights activists
15. This network has tight, longstanding links to the army, elements of the bureaucracy and elite families, together forming a loose but formidable force
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