[Example Sentences]:
1. The sentences are among the longest given to border law enforcement officials
2. For the longest time, technology limited communication to one on one
3. Canada just had one of the longest tornadoes in history
4. This celebration takes place during the longest night of the year in almost all cities and towns of Spain
5. For the longest time I thought there was nothing that could be done, but it turns out I was wrong
6. It also was the longest solo flight by time
7. No trace of the plane has been found, making it the longest disappearance in modern commercial aviation
8. She waited more than five months for confirmation, one of the longest delays ever for an attorney general nominee
9. The longest wavelengths of red have the least energy of any of the visible wavelengths, or colors
10. Retailers want to know which of their locations has the most foot traffic, or where people stay seated the longest
11. Pictures of more than 5000 pixels on the longest side are welcome if you have them
12. Japan now imports more than it exports, and this month posted its longest run of trade deficits in three decades
13. If you have 4900 pixels on the longest side of your picture, then you should be in good shape
14. The rift over bank regulation mirrors a similar division among central bankers after the euro area surfaced from its longest recession on record
15. Overall, reptiles that lived the longest tended to have traits
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