[Example Phrases]:
•. will no longer be
•. is no longer the
•. no longer be able to
•. no longer peruse through

[Example Sentences]:
1. Even my two year old phones keep apps open longer
2. What can I do to make it last longer
3. When is it time to get out of here before you can no longer leave
4. She no longer needs to go home and work on the laptop
5. The costs can keep opportunities out of reach for longer than expected
6. It could be a few hours or longer before you feel back to normal
7. The latest quarter was a week longer than the same period a year earlier
8. What can I do to make the battery last longer
9. It took about three hours longer than expected
10. It also offers longer life than the average smartphone
11. That app store side is no longer being maintained
12. We can no longer just think about being an automotive product company
13. That law calls for fines in a currency no longer in use
14. It was not viable to have kept it going much longer
15. Our customers are no longer content with just a cost savings
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