[Example Phrases]:
•. for as long as I can remember
•. a long list of
•. as long as they remain calm
•. for a long time
•. has been around for a long time
•. the country has a long history of race discrimination
•. too long to
•. a long way from
•. has a long way to go
•. come a long way
•. notorious for long queues

[Example Sentences]:
1. This is something that people have wanted for a long time
2. This game is likely to go on for a long time
3. The cases have a long way to go through the court system
4. We will continue to do that for as long as it takes
5. So there is still a very long way to go
6. It is just a day and we have a long way to go
7. Facebook has long wanted to be a major part of how you use your smartphone
8. This means that as long as you have a good backup
9. What took the military so long to give women this chance
10. He added that a deal was a long way from complete
11. The initiative has come a long way since the early days
12. It is not clear how long this arrangement was expected to last
13. In the long amount of time people change their mind about companies
14. A SDN is going to be with us for a long time
15. The university had long ago lost control of its IT power management
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