[Example Sentences]:
1. The daughter of the lone civilian killed in the attack agreed
2. He singled out the lone black officer in the line of police
3. The increase in lone children fleeing Honduras has outpaced that of any other country
4. Donovan becomes the lone Republican to represent the city in Congress
5. The iPhone theft was not his lone offense
6. What if, instead of a lone dead satellite lighting our nights, it was actually massive
7. The lone American prisoner of war from in Afghanistan, Bergdahl spent nearly five years in captivity after his capture by the Taliban insurgents
8. Well, everything except for a lone USB 2.0 slot built into the base
9. A few lone protesters waved Confederate symbols
10. Holmes, now 27, does not dispute that he was the lone gunman who attacked the theater but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity
11. Scott plays a lone rancher who unexpectedly finds himself kidnapped along with a husband and wife
12. French police are also continuing their hunt for the lone robber who entered through a French door at the side of the hotel
13. More recently in 2012, evidence the Army cadets had struck again was a lone goat tied up outside the Pentagon
14. However, the lone holdout on the death penalty had requested the security after her name was posted on social media
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