[Example Sentences]:
1. In fact, it only has a Facebook logo at the top left
2. She also wanted the company logo and the version of the logo in the same spot
3. The HTC logo is also embedded into the back
4. At startup, you hold down the T key until a USB logo appears on screen
5. If it had an Apple logo, it would be considered a Retina display
6. The modified Ford vehicle spotted in the wild had an Uber logo on the side and a large
7. This new new logo and identity family is meant to reflect this shift to Google on an Internet of things
8. In this photo illustration, The Twitter logo is displayed on a mobile phone
9. It is even possible take a picture of a logo to automatically pull up trading information of the relevant company
10. Since then the company has displayed different variations of its logo on its homepage and across its sites
11. Consumer electronics branded with the Energy Star logo have been tested and verified to be more energy efficient
12. The call recipient finds herself on a page with a blazing Firefox logo
13. The News UK logo is based on the new logo of parent company News Corp, which was unveiled earlier this year
14. Yahoo is redesigning its corporate logo to reflect a rapidly evolving company
15. They had changed their logo
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