[Example Sentences]:
1. Users should not click on any links in these messages or provide login information
2. He used it once, but did not recall its login password
3. Users can login from their Mac desktop, iPhone or iPad under the same license
4. It also has a location feature that can block login attempts from specified areas
5. Your Facebook login is now officially more useful to companies than cookies
6. Users will be prompted to reset their passwords at next login
7. The keyboard layout preferences you set for your account will now be applied to the login window
8. In order to access some parts of the app, you may need to login with your Apple Developer account
9. By the time I arrived, the router could no longer be reached for a login prompt
10. I have to have them physically in my possession to validate a login
11. Once you have your MLB login setup, then you can get access on all of your devices
12. If you reset the login password without the original that keychain is locked and no longer accessible
13. You can set a different password for your login keychain in the keychain access utility
14. Then it asks for a login
15. The hackers can then use those credentials to intercept or send emails and to try to login to Twitter and other services
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