[Example Sentences]:
1. We extract all the logical data that the operating system can give us
2. That kind of navigation is just as logical on the iPhone
3. This announcement is the logical next step for the company
4. The next logical step is to enter the sharing economy
5. The more logical conclusion is that they came across the nearby Russian border
6. That is logical but not very helpful, because both Outlook
7. This is a single, logical database that can be deployed via the cloud in multiple locations simultaneously
8. The next logical stage is to start implementing automation
9. If taken to their logical extreme, the report
10. The logical next step is to close the gap by sliding everything in your project backward in time
11. In the absence of a constant flow of good news, it is logical to see a bit of profit taking
12. It seems like a logical transaction
13. In practice, it makes perfect sense, and the more I use it the more logical it seems
14. EBay itself only sells transaction capabilities, so seeing how they measure it that way seems pretty logical
15. During his evidence in chief he seemed composed and logical with the result that his evidence flowed and made sense
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