[Example Sentences]:
1. That seems to be the logic behind the movement asking Amazon
2. Perhaps you can apply a similar logic to apps
3. That will be the logic of the lawyers and legislators
4. If he applies the same logic to his tech purchases that might explain his passion for HP devices
5. The result is that overall logic area scaling continues
6. For many people, passwords have an internal logic
7. Their logic is that the women never have to work, they only have to go to school and then return home
8. That would explain the increase in interaction with Pages, but the logic seems dubious
9. Then it digs more deeply into the JavaScript code that runs the business logic for the site
10. The API also cleanly separates the product logic from the data access
11. By holding the Option key when adding search criteria, you further refine your search by more complex logic
12. The improvement in power efficiency involved getting rid of overhead, including logic operations not directly involved with computation
13. Presumably the agency could invoke the same logic this time around
14. Unfortunately, I believe our human nature defies logic in this case
15. Final details are still being worked out, but the companies said the deal had compelling strategic logic and boosted their market position
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