[Example Sentences]:
1. The first line shows the last time you logged into your Mac via the command line
2. He just logged on to his computer and played some games
3. Since then, Google has logged thousands of miles on the road
4. These logged out users could be a valuable source of ad revenue, Costolo has said
5. Just two weeks into the tournament, the social network had logged over a billion interactions
6. The attack worked without a user being logged in, Wang wrote
7. Previously, users could only view such files if they were also logged into their Google accounts
8. Apple requires a person to be logged into his account in order to download an application from the App Store
9. The news was better in data centers and security, where Cisco logged more revenue and orders than a year earlier
10. They arrested him before he could close the laptop lid, which would have logged him out and locked the contents
11. That philosophy also governed what kind of information I logged
12. During the arrest, the suspect was found with his computer systems open and logged on to various virtual systems and forums
13. You can opt out of this feature as well, even if you want to stay logged into iCloud on all your devices
14. Very few extensions were found that try to interfere with online banking sessions or logged keystrokes
15. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index last week logged its biggest weekly gain since September
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