[Example Phrases]:
•. to lock down
•. the lock screen

[Example Sentences]:
1. The feature also works from the lock screen
2. The international unlocked version of the iPhone is also sold without a lock
3. Think of it as a bike lock for your computer
4. The button that looks like a little target is the focus lock
5. Oscar used to lock me in his house and then go out
6. None of these systems can afford to lock out all other brands
7. Most fingerprint applications currently available only let users log in or lock their computer during the day
8. Google Now voice search from the lock screen
9. You lock the doors to your house every night
10. Since Home is both your lock screen and home screen, the content comes right to you
11. One example given is writing software designed to lock down the computer if run by unauthorized users
12. Use the screen lock on Glass to prevent others from using it without your permission
13. So as part of this provision, Verizon has decided not to lock those devices
14. If you report a lost or stolen phone, the lock will cease to work
15. You can expand messages and reply right from the lock screen
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