[Definition]: a place, site

[Example Phrases]:
• GPS location

[Example Sentences]:
1. It may have taken millions of years to get to this location
2. You can learn about how location works across Facebook in our
3. The targeting works through the location services feature on a phone
4. The app also includes location support so users can quickly share where they are with friends
5. Google says the phone will pick the best network at the time for a given location
6. The expansion of location services is also a long term play for Apple
7. The location of the device recorded at the time of the transaction
8. We will send a link to her location after she has been dropped off
9. Apple has also expanded the idea of location services
10. If a user shares location data with Facebook, that is also taken into account
11. Facebook users are now asked when they download Messenger if the app can use their location
12. Apps can even pull in some information from car data like location and speed
13. The communications back and forth do not give a specific location for the plane
14. The location and timing of the battle is still to be determined
15. Morsi has been held at an undisclosed location by the military
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