[Example Sentences]:
1. Users can locate the latest version of a media file and share it with colleagues
2. You also need to confirm your phone number, which helps other users locate and identify you
3. We are now looking at suspects which are more difficult to locate and where the investigation is even more complex
4. Is it true that I can locate it by searching for its serial number
5. The Justice Department today imposed new rules for using electronic devices that can be used to locate specific cell phones
6. Divers returned to the water Monday hoping to locate the black
7. The helicopter was equipped with a flight data recorder, which search crews were also attempting to locate
8. Two divers worked for hours to locate the wine in the murky water
9. This time I was unable to locate it, leaving one corner of my iPad unprotected from the housing
10. When the library window opens, go to the Preferences folder and locate the file com
11. Police said they were withholding his name while they tried to locate next of kin
12. Will you need to periodically locate coffee to keep yourself from going completely mad
13. It took me about four years to locate a population, and it brought tears to my eyes once I found them
14. Scotland Yard said the RAF would be providing an aerial analysis to locate areas that should be searched
15. From the virtual machine management perspective, you need the ability to provision new VMs and locate an appropriate amount of storage
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