[Example Sentences]:
1. It has to be more to do with the commercial models operating locally
2. Here are some aspects that would help entrepreneurs be global while rolling out locally
3. Your stream can be kept locally on your phone, but never on the cloud
4. They are training some of these boys locally
5. The app also includes interactive maps, so you can see what music is popular locally and around the world
6. This discovery suggests people in this area originally imported metal artifacts and only later created them locally
7. Many were forwarded on to friends or posted on social media sites both locally and around the country
8. The Home screen on all of them shows you a menu of available documents stored in the cloud or locally
9. The chip can do all calculations locally, and transfer data wirelessly to other connected devices like smartphones
10. Only the access tools run locally
11. While the Apple Watch can be used to control music on your iPhone, it can also store tunes locally
12. The gateway lets enterprises store encryption keys locally, and to interact with the encrypted data in the cloud
13. We can gather this data for whatever time period we want, and then put it to use by advertising locally
14. Personal documents can be stored locally on the iPad, keeping them separate from those created on the job
15. The idea was to allow online shoppers to make purchases locally and then have them delivered quickly and at low cost
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