[Example Sentences]:
1. It is a local area network within the office
2. It has a local office and customer service center
3. There are great local entrepreneurs in each city in the world
4. That has been made more difficult by the detention of local leaders
5. You can convert your current account to a local one
6. A similar switch would take place on the local level
7. It was believed that this attack worked only inside local networks
8. How far is it from this local maximum to that one
9. It is about the people who are our neighbors who work in our local stores
10. That school will be closed Wednesday, as will the local high school
11. Obama bars some military equipment from going to local police
12. The local government office, and the police as well
13. Facebook has been working with local telecom providers to roll out Internet
14. Chinese gamers have been looking forward to launch of the local version
15. President Obama bars some military equipment from going to local police departments
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