[Example Sentences]:
1. The lobby group has also denied having any influence in the decision not to meet the president
2. What is also particularly interesting about the Bitcoin lobby is the money aspect
3. The need to lobby is often greatest in industries that have strong, established players
4. Inside the shopping center, police found the two women dead in the lobby
5. The business leaders were joined by another powerful lobby especially in Indiana basketball
6. The lobby is now a treatment area
7. Zuckerberg was also holding meetings with members of Congress from both parties to lobby for immigration reform
8. As the controllers leave, a retired tax official in the area turns up to lobby for the manager
9. So European corporations and the politicians they lobby are out to destroy Google even as the European public loves Google
10. Various lobby groups have expressed support for the men
11. Their previous attempt to personally lobby Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to intervene on their behalf was unsuccessful
12. He wants people to donate pennies to charity and then lobby Congress to stop making them
13. The only thing more boring than a stationary bike workout is waiting in a hotel lobby
14. Under iOS 7, I need to lobby every developer of every app I use to build in support for Evernote
15. Enterprise networks are currently controlled by internal networking teams, but once they are virtualized, the systems engineers start to lobby for control
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