[Example Phrases]:
•. an IMF loan
•. repay an IMF loan

[Example Sentences]:
1. Your phone company might even rent or loan a compatible phone
2. That money can be paid back as a loan that goes toward future income
3. It makes a great drive for storing media like movies, or if you need to loan it out
4. The sides disagreed on the size of the loan and interest rate
5. He has stopped making payments on his mortgage, home equity loan and credit cards
6. The loan restrictions will start from January, the regulator said
7. More than half of borrowers reported using the loan to purchase inventory
8. The Silver Lake money is a loan that has to be repaid over several years
9. Another got a loan from a neighbor
10. The government needs to remove itself from the student loan industries or else it will continue to destroy my generation
11. The balance will be paid in the form of a secured loan from Siemens due one year from closing
12. Small Michigan college sees potential in loan program
13. The deal for a new loan package is aimed at keeping the country in the euro, but many hurdles remain
14. Interest paid on a mortgage can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan
15. Even so, a low down payment does not necessarily mean borrowers are more likely to default on the loan © 2019  Terms of Use | Home