[Example Sentences]:
1. Tap any of the tabs in this list to load them once again
2. Before you head out, be sure to load your smartphone up with apps
3. Almost all devices required you to connect to a computer to load music
4. The operating system has been improved to load applications more quickly and fully integrate cloud services
5. Here are all the devices Google can think of, trying to load the same website
6. There are a load of these things out there and some are more refined than others
7. They said the ships had not returned from the United States to pick up the next load
8. Another thing to keep in mind as you load pictures are the privacy settings you want
9. If the Internet application is slow to load, people turn their attention elsewhere
10. Murphy also investigated the network calls made during the page load
11. The more these stories come out, the more difficult it is to carry that load through November
12. There were no clear instructions on how to load a recipe into the machine
13. Gmail messages also take an unusually long time to load
14. Do you load them all on a plane and see who comes and meets them at the airport
15. Some error messages include not being able to load contacts databases or even send emails just yet
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