[Definition]: small amount

[Example Phrases]:
• a little bit of
• a little more than
• little or no
• little more than a joke
• for as little as
• a little bit more than
• rules can be a little loose
• a little more circumspect
• feel a little mundane
• ingenious little app

[Example Sentences]:
1. I can hold my head a little bit higher
2. They needed a little bit of help getting there
3. There has been little information about his condition in recent days
4. If you want a little more screen size to run Windows
5. There has been little information about his condition for some days
6. Or do I want something with a little bit of each
7. I think we made just a few little mistakes here and there
8. Or is the little head the only one you have that can think
9. At first I was a little turned off by it
10. After a little bit then I could talk to her
11. It takes a little effort to set up
12. This is what I find a little difficult
13. If you want your virtual office to feel a little more like your real office
14. New PCs can be found for as little as
15. The market has been a little tough this week © 2019  Terms of Use | Home