[Example Sentences]:
1. Some use litigation in an effort to control the message
2. Target also said it also does not comment on pending litigation
3. Any of the people involved in the bridge shutdown could face civil litigation
4. His office is working on a cost estimate for the litigation that could be presented to lawmakers soon
5. Chase declined to comment on any potential litigation or the costs associated with the Target breach
6. The messages sent back and forth within that gaming environment ended up being relevant to the litigation
7. Apple declined to comment on the litigation
8. The bill would also have allowed manufacturers and suppliers to intervene in patent litigation against their customers
9. State and federal officials praised the settlement for ending the years of litigation and for supplying needed funds
10. Imagine the litigation when a driverless cars has a serious accident
11. So too are companies that, due to litigation concerns, must store all employee communications
12. The NYPD denied the allegations in an answer to the complaint, and declined to comment further about pending litigation
13. We elected to settle the matter in order to avoid the risk, burdens and uncertainty of ongoing litigation
14. Wells Fargo has declined to comment on the case, citing ongoing litigation
15. Email messages are records that may be covered by document retention requirements and subject to discovery in litigation © 2019  Terms of Use | Home