[Example Sentences]:
1. Microsoft will literally tower over the San Francisco tech community
2. There are literally layers of security built into the Black
3. Some were great and others literally fell apart in my hands
4. Facebook can literally take over your phone
5. This thing can quite literally see in the dark
6. So you could literally put hundreds of containers inside a virtual machine
7. The problem is that deer will literally eat themselves out of house and home
8. I have seen literally hundreds of such videos
9. Because you can literally shape the narrative of what the world thinks is happening
10. I use it literally every day
11. Motorola has put a twist on the camera app, quite literally
12. You can literally jump in a swimming pool with it and take pictures and videos underwater
13. We were literally picking up bodies with our bare hands
14. There are literally fossils on the ground everywhere
15. We are literally the only accountable advertising channel that dealers have © 2019  Terms of Use | Home