[Example Sentences]:
1. Samsung also says it wants to listen and learn how it can better help developers
2. A jury got to listen to all of the evidence
3. This is how people listen to music now
4. You call it on the house phone and listen for the ring
5. Will it mean the government can listen in to my calls
6. You can listen to iTunes audio or watch video between calls
7. A third of the population came out to listen
8. The government is willing to listen to problems and proposals
9. All users listen to the same recorded segment each week
10. If enough of us come together, they will listen
11. To what extent will people sit up and listen
12. My job is to listen to the folks who are supporting the customers and to help them
13. We listen to our customers and provide them the ability to opt out of our advertising programs
14. The more you listen, the better For You gets
15. Remember when there was nothing to listen to on the radio © 2019  Terms of Use | Home